With a very heavy heart, I’m sharing the very sad and unfortunate passing of my best friend and the owner of Dive Dojo, Paul Russell.

He was the most selfless, generous person I have ever met. Paul only ever wanted to help people and he often went out of his way to do this without ever asking for anything in return.

He loved diving as a hobby and flying as a profession.
I became friends with Paul in 2003, but our friendship only really grew 3 years ago when he asked me to run Dive Dojo. Over the course of these last few years, he would stay at our house when visiting the dive shop, and ultimately became part of the Loos family.

I loved our early morning training sessions and our dives twice a day and will miss this incredibly. If it wasn’t for him, Bandit and Prince (my 2 Rhodesian Ridgebacks) wouldn’t be here as these two boys came from Australia, from Paul’s litter. He put so much time and effort and money into sending them over to me and refused to let me pay him back for any of it.

This is all a huge shock as I know he still had many things he wanted to do. He was meant to climb the highest mountain in South America in December, and after giving him my drysuit, he started drysuit diving training and pushing me to go and do some ice diving with him.

We are so grateful that he has been in our lives and touched us with his incredibly positive attitude and friendship. Even when things weren’t working the way we wanted, he always remained optimistic. He wasn’t just a friend, he was family. I can’t yet accept that he is gone and it will take a long time before I can, I know that if he was here he would say this is life accept it and move on, but it’s so hard.

Have a safe last flight up to heaven as no doubt, that’s where you belong.
He will be sorely missed by both his Dive Dojo & Loos family.