Ron Loos

“With the right training, anything is possible.” - John Bennett

A Twelve Year Odyssey, Training to Push the Envelope and the Return to Puerto Galera

Ron first visited the Philippines in 1993 planning to stay for one week in Puerto Galera, which he extended when Frank Doyle convinced him to stay and do his dive master course at LLBC. This planned stay turned into a twelve year odyssey in which Ron married a local woman, started the Relax Thai Restaurant, became a PADI Instructor, was trained and trained with a world record diver and experienced some of the world’s premiere dive sites.

As a middle long distance Steeple Chase runner, Ron kept up his exercise in the Phillipines and found a training partner in John Bennett who taught him all the technical diving courses up to Advanced Trimix Instructor. It was over this time, while they were working together, that they began training for John’s world record dive attempt to go below the 1000 ft barrier and push the envelope of diving.

Ron and John trained most days for five years, with morning weightlifting, technical dives throughout the day and finishing with a run or ocean swim at night. In early 2000, John and Ron dived the Princess of the Orient with a bottom time of 25 min at 122m of depth with a 3 hour total dive time. John succeeded in becoming the first open circuit scuba diver to break the 1000ft barrier on the 6th of November 2001. On John’s World Record Dive, Ron was the first, very happy support diver to meet him on his way back up.

After John left Atlantis to take a position as a partner in Tech Dive Academy in Australia, Ron took over as the manager of Atlantis Tech. During his time at Atlantis Tech, Ron helped one of his student’s Rob Lalumiere prepare for his World Record Wreck Dive in Ormoc at 194m. Before Rob’s successful world record dive was achieved Ron moved to Port Douglas to gives his daughter a chance at a better education. After 10 years in Australia, Ron decided to return to Puerto Galera to run Dive Dojo and finish some of the projects he and John had planned to do but had been put on hold when John disappeared on a wreck dive in South Korea.

  • Total Dives: 9500+
  • Dives between 40m and 100m: 2000+
  • Dives between 100m and 150m: 400+
  • IANTD Instructor 1999
  • PADI Instructor 2001
  • SDI/TDI Instructor 2001
  • SDI/TDI Solo Diving Instructor 2003
  • CPROX Instructor 2003
  • Visual Inspection Procedures Instructor 2003
  • CPR1st Instructor 2003
  • Equipment O2 Service Tech Instructor 2003
  • SDI OW Scuba Instructor Trainer 2003
  • TDI Advanced Gas Blender Instructor Trainer 2003
  • TDI Advanced Wreck Instructor 2004
  • TDI Advanced Trimix Instructor Trainer 2005
  • TDI O2 Service Technician Instructor Trainer 2007

Meet the Team

Victor ‘Bhong’ Alvarez

Rec Dive Instructor

Victor is Dive Dojo’s recreational diving instructor. A local to Puerto Galera and a qualified PADI OW Instructor with over 9000 dives since the age of 18, Victor has been working for Dive Dojo for the past 7 years.

Liezl D. Grimaldo

Head Administrator

Always greeting customers with a warm smile, Liezl has been working at Dive Dojo for the past 3 years. She is our lead office admin who ensures all the dives run smoothly and the business remains organised.

Celso C. Gelena

Small Boat Captain

Celso is our small boat captain and has been working at Dive Dojo for over 5 years. A local to the Sabang area, Celso is very familiar with the surrounding waters and ensures a safe and enjoyable trip out at sea.

Henry M. Mesana

Shin-do Boat Captain

Henry is the Shin-do captain and at 43 years of age he has spent over half his life chartering boats through the Phillipines. A local, working at Dive Dojo for over 10 years, Henry knows the Sabang dive areas intimately.